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To protect natural resources, many public lands, including national forests and other national resources, are subject to travel and vehicle use limitations. For more information and maps, visit the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and other agency offices near these public lands.

Anyone operating an off-road recreational vehicle (ORV) on public lands and other designated public trails or areas in Wyoming must know and follow the ORV laws.

  • The ORV must display a Wyoming ORV permit. This includes ORVs that are registered in another state.
  • You may operate an ORV on public lands only when the roads, trails, or areas are designated as “open” by the appropriate local land manager. To find out which roads, trails, and areas are open, contact the local land manager’s office.
  • For more information on using ORVs while hunting, visit the Wyoming Trails website.
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