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Hunter education classroom

Various agencies, organizations, and others provide funding for hunter education.

  • Federal Government: The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service provides federal aid to state wildlife agencies to support a variety of hunting-related projects, including hunter education, land acquisition, and improvement of wildlife habitat. The Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration funding was established in 1937 by the Pittman–Robertson Act.
  • State Government: State wildlife agencies sponsor the hunter education programs that are found in each state or province.
  • National Hunter Education Organizations: Non-governmental organizations (Ducks Unlimited, IHEA–USA, etc.) offer hunter education and firearm safety education materials and training.
  • Industry, Business, and Clubs: Many firearm and archery manufacturers provide training materials to teach hunters how to use their products safely. Local hunting clubs, civic clubs, and businesses often provide the facilities and equipment for hunter education courses.
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