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Wildlife Damage Management Stamps

Wildlife Damage Management Stamps are not required for hunting in Wyoming.

  • Purchasing a Wyoming Wildlife Damage Management Stamp provides funding to:
    • Mitigate the damage caused to crops, livestock, and wildlife by predatory animals, predacious birds, and depredating animals or…
    • Protect human health and safety.
  • This voluntary stamp is available from the WGFD headquarters or regional offices, from license selling agents, or on the WGFD website.

Other Permits

Depending on when and where you are hunting, you also may need:

  • Elk Feedgrounds Special Management Permit
  • Light Goose Conservation Order Special Management Permit
  • Pheasant Special Management Permit
  • Glendo or Springer Permit
  • Grand Teton National Park Permit
  • National Elk Refuge Permit
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