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Shipping Within Wyoming

You may not ship, transport, or receive for shipment or transportation within Wyoming any game animal, any game bird, or any part of a game animal or game bird unless:

  • The game animal, bird, or its parts are tagged with a Wyoming interstate game tag or…
  • You possess a proper coupon and are accompanying the carcass of a big game animal or trophy game animal or…
  • You are a properly licensed bird or small game hunter and possess no more than your daily bag limit.

Shipping Out of Wyoming

Any Wyoming resident or nonresident who harvests game may not ship or transport any big game or trophy game across the state line unless:

  • The licensed hunter possesses a proper coupon and is accompanying the game or its parts or…
  • The game animal or its parts (such as meat) are accompanied by a Wyoming interstate game tag.

If you are a Wyoming resident and harvest one or more big game or trophy game animals, you may not ship or transport more than 25 pounds of meat from each harvested animal out of state unless you accompany the meat yourself.

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