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If you have a hunting license and harvest a big game animal, trophy game animal, or wild turkey, you must tag it.

  • Before leaving the site of the kill, you must:
    • Detach, sign, and date the proper coupon and…
    • Attach the coupon to the carcass of a big game animal or wild turkey or to the hide of a trophy game animal.
  • You must keep the coupon on:
    • The big game animal’s or wild turkey’s carcass until the meat undergoes processing
    • The trophy game animal’s hide until you arrive at your home or the taxidermist
  • While you are transporting the carcass or hide, you may remove the coupon to keep from losing it.
    • If you detach the coupon, the person accompanying the carcass or hide must have the coupon in his or her possession at all times.
    • If the person transporting the carcass is not the hunter, the hunter keeps the license, and the person transporting the carcass keeps the coupon in their possession at all times.
Sample of a Carcass Coupon

Sample of a Carcass Coupon

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