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Every person must have the proper hunting license. 

  • Persons 12 years of age and older must hold a license to hunt big game and trophy game.
  • Persons 14 years of age and older must hold a license for hunting birds and small game, and for fishing. 
  • Additional stamps and permits may be required, depending on the age of the hunter, the species being hunted, and the area where the person hunts. 

The WGFD issues licenses and permits based on: 

  • The type of game you plan to hunt such as:
    • Big game—antelope, bighorn sheep, bison, elk, moose, mountain goat, mule deer, and white-tailed deer
    • Trophy game—black bear, gray wolf, and mountain lion
    • Game birds, small game, or a combination of game birds and small game
    • Furbearers
  • The hunting equipment you plan to use (firearm, archery equipment, muzzleloader, etc.)
  • Whether you are a resident, a non-resident, disabled, or eligible for another type of license or permit

For a current list of each type of license or permit and the fee for each one, visit the WGFD website.

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