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It is illegal to use an artificial light or lighting device to take any wildlife in Wyoming. You also are violating the law if you use artificial light while you:

  • Are in any area that may be inhabited by wildlife and…
  • Have in your possession and control any device for the taking of wildlife.

Here are the only exceptions.

  • Predators may be taken with the aid of an artificial light or lighting device by:
    • A public officer who is authorized to control predators or…
    • A landowner, resident manager, or person who has the landowner’s or resident manager’s permission when the person is on land under the landowner’s control and is protecting the landowner’s property.
  • Persons hunting raccoon and accompanied by a raccoon-hunting dog may hunt with the aid of a hand light. If hunting on private land, the hunter must have written permission from the landowner or the landowner’s agent.
  • When taking game animals, persons with central visual acuity disabilities, and in possession of a central visual acuity disability permit, may project a light from a rifle scope onto their target.
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