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It is illegal to:

  • Use dogs to hunt, run, or harass any big game, trophy game, protected animal, or furbearer. However, dogs may be used to hunt mountain lions and bobcats.
  • Use a motor vehicle, aircraft, or snowmobile to harass, pursue, hunt, shoot, or kill any wildlife, except predatory animals. This includes using any aircraft to aid in taking wildlife by:
    • Spotting or locating the wildlife or…
    • Communicating with a person who is hunting or…
    • Providing other aid to a hunter within 24 hours of being airborne.
  • Take a game animal, game bird, or game fish and then leave, abandon, or allow the game or an edible portion thereof to intentionally or needlessly go to waste. You may abandon the meat from trophy game animals.
  • Leave the meat from a big game animal or a game bird at a meat processing plant for more than 45 days.
  • Sell, barter, or obtain by sale or barter edible portions of any game animal, game bird, or game fish.
  • Carry a loaded firearm or take any wildlife if you are intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance.
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