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If you do encounter a mountain lion, taking these precautions may help you avoid a confrontation.

  • Never go out alone. Groups of two or more are less likely to be attacked. If an attack does occur, there is a much greater chance of defense.
  • Keep children near adults. Never let small children hike alone or get out of sight if walking with adults. A child’s small size, rapid and often erratic movements, higher pitched voice, and instinct to run may attract the lion. If a lion is sighted, have all children move between or behind adults.
  • Be very careful with hunting dogs and small pets. Dogs may actually serve as “bait” to attract the mountain lions.
  • Do not approach a mountain lion intentionally. Avoid making the animal feel cornered, trapped, or harassed.
  • Never run in the presence of a mountain lion. This will trigger their natural instinct to chase. Always stand still, facing toward the cat and making eye contact.
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