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The WGFD also issues limited quota licenses and duplicate licenses.

Limited Quota Licenses

The WGFD holds drawings for limited quota licenses for big game. 

  • To participate in a drawing, you must submit an application form, including the application fee, to the WGFD for each species you plan to hunt.
  • To improve your chances in the drawings, Wyoming has a preference point system for certain species and types of licenses. Preference points may be awarded by the WGFD to unsuccessful applicants and/or maybe purchased for some species.

Any licenses that are left after the initial drawings may be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Anyone with a limited quota license must hunt in the area for which the license was issued unless the Wyoming hunting regulations allow the license to be used in other areas.

Since dates and fees may change annually, review the hunting information on the WGFD website for more details.

Duplicate Licenses

If you lose or destroy your license, duplicates are available from:

  • The WGFD headquarters or regional offices
  • Any license selling agents
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