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HUNTER 1: This is the Johnson property. I talked to them last week, and they told us we had permission to hunt deer on their fields.

HUNTER 2: OK, good. So we can hunt over there?

HUNTER 1: Yeah, we can cross this fence.

HUNTER 2: OK, well, let's cross the fence. OK, you want to check and give it a go? Unloaded?

HUNTER 1: I'll hold it. Got it.

HUNTER 2: Got it?

HUNTER 1: Got it.

HUNTER 2: And mine.

HUNTER 1: Got it.

HUNTER 2: OK. Got it. Thank you! So we can hunt back in there?

HUNTER 1: Back in there is a draw, right over this hill.

HUNTER 2: OK, sounds good.

Both hunters reload their guns.

HUNTER 2: I'll let you lead the way.

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