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People who are unprepared for outdoor emergencies can be beaten by these “enemies of survival.” Don’t let them beat you!

  • Pain: Treat pain using your first-aid materials. Take care of pain right away.
  • Cold: Get out of cold, wet weather. Construct a shelter. Build a fire. Get warm.
  • Thirst: You must have water to survive…but don’t eat snow! Your body uses too much heat to melt snow, and it only makes you thirstier. Treat water with water purification tablets or boil it before drinking.
  • Hunger: Hunger pains will bother you, but they won’t kill you. You can go without food for two to four weeks and still live.
  • Fatigue: Save your energy. Don’t tire yourself. Gather fuel for your fire, and improve your shelter as needed, but don’t overdo it. Get lots of rest.
  • Boredom: Include a deck of cards in your survival kit. Carry a small pocket radio. Bring along something to write with or to read. Avoid feeling bored and lonely.
  • Fear: Fear is normal. Everybody feels fear in a survival situation. Remain calm. Think about why you are afraid, and try to use common sense to overcome your fears.
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