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Transcript for Muzzle Control Intro

Amber: Unfortunately, it is common for incidents to occur when groups are either loading or unloading their firearms while in close proximity to their vehicles. Let’s take a look at a group of hunters as they prepare to head out on their first hunt day. It’s early morning, and they’ve just arrived at their site. As you watch the video, pay close attention to their muzzle control and positioning.

So, let’s take a closer look. Everyone is removing their firearms from the truck. The third hunter turned abruptly and violated proper muzzle control by swinging his firearm in the direction of the second hunter. As our second hunter showed, you should never assume any firearm is safe until it is proven safe. Everyone must take the appropriate steps to ensure the action is open, the safety is on, and the chamber is checked. Never hesitate to correct others. Your life depends on everyone practicing safe firearm handling. Thankfully, the second hunter was aware and was able to stop a potentially fatal situation. However, this won’t always happen. Let’s take a look at another way this scenario could have played out.

So, as we saw before, our hunters are arriving and removing their firearms from their vehicle. However, I want you to notice that this time, our second hunter does not realize his friend’s mistake. The third hunter’s muzzle is clearly pointed at the second hunter, yet it goes unnoticed. This is probably going to happen more often than the first version we watched, in which the mistake was caught and stopped.

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