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Transcript for Firearm Transportation Review

Steve: If you chose “All of the above,” you are correct. Let’s review this scenario, as there were multiple unsafe actions that we should look at.

This first one may have been tough to spot. Our female hunter had her action closed and her safety was off. She was also very distracted, playing on her phone and taking photos of the other hunters. Our male hunters properly unloaded their firearms. In addition, they properly stored them in their cases in the vehicle.

Because our female hunter was falling behind, she hurried to catch up with the others. We can see her throw her firearm into the vehicle. She did not unload and ensure that her firearm was safe. In addition, she did not place it in a case. This is extremely dangerous, especially because she is now getting in the back seat with her firearm pointed right at her.

It is all too common for things like distractions, inexperience, and being in a rush to compromise safety. In addition, her hunting partners failed to notice and correct what could be a potentially fatal situation.

Congratulations! You have made it through the Firearm Transportation scenario of Hunt Day 2. Keep up the good work. Let’s move on to the fourth scenario.

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