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These rules and regulations apply to all hunters using a muzzleloading firearm.

  • Muzzleloading firearms are loaded from the muzzle and use black powder or a black powder substitute. Muzzleloading firearms must be wheel lock, matchlock, flintlock, or percussion lock. Telescopic sights are not allowed.
  • Muzzleloading firearms for deer hunting must be at least .40 caliber. However, buckshot, size #1 or larger, may be used in a smoothbore of .60 caliber or larger.
  • Muzzleloading firearms used for all other big game hunting must be .45 or larger.
  • Only one barrel of a double-barrel muzzleloading firearm may be loaded while hunting big game during any muzzleloading season.
  • A muzzleloading handgun used for big game must be .45 or larger, with a barrel length of at least eight inches, and capable of being loaded with 45 grains or more of black powder or a black powder substitute.
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