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Treating Drownings and Heart Attacks

A heart attack or injury, such as drowning, that causes the victim’s heartbeat or breathing to stop will require CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Take a course to learn how to perform CPR properly.

Falls From Tree Stands

You’re always at risk of falling when you hunt from a tree stand. Make plans for a worst-case scenario. Establish a signal that will let your companions know if you fall. If you are hunting alone, what you do depends on your injuries.

  • If your injuries are immobilizing, use your signal and then wait until you’re found.
  • If you can move, consider your location and decide if you can make it to help.
  • If you have broken bones, sprains, or cuts, use what you have available for first aid. Clothing and large handkerchiefs can be used to stop bleeding and provide padding. Belts, haul lines, and branches can be used for splints.
  • When hanging from a fall-arrest system, use a rope or strap to relieve suspension trauma.
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