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Transcript for Zones-of-Fire Review

Amber: If you chose “45 degrees,” you are correct. In the online course, you learned that 45 degrees is the appropriate zone-of-fire when hunting with others. Let’s take another look at what happened in our scenario. The experienced hunter on the right took two shots. This was very dangerous because

  1. he could not see his hunting partner due to the thick brush, and
  2. he swung out of his zone-of-fire.

While hunting with others, you need to be aware of your zones-of-fire at all times. Always know where your hunting partners are, and be ready to adjust your zone-of-fire accordingly.

Wearing blaze orange helps increase visibility to others. However, in this situation, the thick brush prevented visibility. Therefore, staying within your safe zone-of-fire is extremely important. If in doubt, never take a shot when you are unsure of your hunting partner’s location.

Congratulations! You have made it through the Zones-of-Fire scenario of Hunt Day 2. You are getting close to finishing your second hunt day. Let’s move on to the fifth scenario.

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