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Mourning doves, geese, and ducks also provide hunters with many hours of hunting activity. All migratory bird and waterfowl hunters are required to have a basic hunting license. In addition, waterfowl hunters 16 years of age and older must possess both a federal and a state migratory waterfowl stamp to hunt waterfowl in Washington. Juvenile hunters under 16 years old are exempt from this requirement for supplemental stamps.

Mourning doves are found primarily in eastern Washington. Waterfowl populations are found throughout Washington. Early September is the traditional season for dove hunting. Dove populations vary from year to year, but typical seasons include a ten dove per day bag limit during the short season. As with all upland bird hunting opportunity, obtaining access and landowner permission are often critical to success.

Although waterfowl populations nationwide have been fluctuating over the past ten years. While populations within Washington are generally doing well, overall numbers nationwide of pintails, mallards, etc. have declined substantially. Bag limits and season length have been adjusted during the past six years to reflect this dramatic change in waterfowl populations.

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