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Sometimes hunters carry loaded shotguns or rifles in their cars and trucks. Each year hunters shoot themselves or their friends when loaded firearms discharge inside a vehicle. This type of incident is called “a discharge of a firearm in a motor vehicle.” These incidents are also easy to prevent.

  • Never carry a loaded firearm in a car, truck, motor home, or boat. It is against the law to carry loaded shotguns or rifles in any motor-driven vehicle.
  • Transport your guns unloaded and in cases. Why should anyone need a loaded rifle or shotgun inside a vehicle? Hunting is an activity that you enjoy in the great outdoors. It is not a contest among hunters to race down the road and shoot the first pheasant, deer, or elk that comes into view. The only time a firearm should be loaded is when the hunter is actually in the field hunting. Hunters who carry loaded shotguns or rifles in their vehicles are unsafe ... and they are breaking the law.
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