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Some big game animals are not hunted in Washington. The grizzly bear, caribou, and pronghorn antelope are found in very small numbers in certain parts of the state; therefore, they may not be hunted. 

In addition to these big game animals, a large number of other animals are classified as protected wildlife. No protected wildlife may be hunted. Included in the classification of protected wildlife are the western gray squirrel, the Douglas squirrel, chipmunks, the pika, and the hoary marmot. Other wildlife are classified as “endangered species.” Some of the endangered species in Washington include the wolf and the sandhill crane. 

Protected Species

Robins, blue jays, hawks, etc. are all protected species. Protected species may not be hunted. Check the Hunting Season Rules and Regulations or contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife before hunting. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Rare, Protected, or Endangered Species

Some species are protected from hunting because their numbers are small and produce no surplus to harvest. Animals that are labeled “rare,” “threatened,” or “endangered” are all fully protected by law.

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