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In Washington, it is against the law to:

  • Hunt game birds with a shotgun that can hold more than three shotshells.
  • Hunt game birds with a rifle or pistol (except blue grouse, spruce grouse, and ruffed grouse).
  • Hunt game birds or game animals using anything other than a firearm, a bow and arrow, or by falconry (except bullfrogs).
  • Hunt game animals or game birds with a shotgun larger than 10 gauge. 
  • Hunt wildlife with a fully automatic firearm.
  • Hunt big game with a spotlight or other artificial light.
  • Hunt deer or elk with the aid of infrared night vision equipment or with laser sights (not to include range finders) capable of projecting a beam onto the target.
  • Hunt or possess protected wildlife or endangered species.
  • Hunt wildlife from a vehicle or from a boat propelled by a motor (unless the motor is off and progress due to the motor has stopped).
  • Hunt at night during the modern firearm deer or elk seasons.
  • Hunt or trap on state park lands.
  • Waste game animals or game birds.
  • Destroy or possess the nests or eggs of game birds or protected wildlife.
  • Use aircraft to spot, locate, or report the location of wildlife for the purpose of hunting or hunt on the same day you were flying.
  • Use any vehicle to pursue, concentrate, or harass wild animals or wild birds.
  • Allow somebody else to tag a big game animal you have killed or to help someone kill a big game animal that you are not licensed to hunt. Party hunting is illegal!
  • Possess wildlife taken by another person unless you have in your possession a written statement showing the name and the signature of the hunter who killed it.
  • Fail to stop at a Department of Fish and Wildlife established check station.
  • Carry, transport, or possess a loaded shotgun or rifle in any motor vehicle. Please see RCW 77.15.46 for more information.
  • Shoot a firearm negligently from, across, or along the maintained part of any public highway.
  • Shoot at wild animals or wild birds while they are on any utility pole.
  • Hunt waterfowl, turkey, or deer with the use of electronic calls or decoys.
  • Hunt game birds or bears over bait or in baited areas.
  • Hunt wildlife with a crossbow, except during modern firearm seasons. (Note: Disabled hunters with a crossbow special-use permit may hunt with a crossbow in any season that allows archery equipment.)
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