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Montana hunters also need to be able to correctly identify a moose, an elk, and a pronghorn (antelope).


Moose are dark brown with grayish legs. They have a large, overhanging snout and a dewlap on the throat. The antlers on the male are massive, palmate, and flat.


Elk are dark brown to tan in color with a yellowish rump patch and tail. The male has large, spreading antlers.

Pronghorn (Antelope)

These animals are reddish-brown to tan in color with two broad, white bands across the neck. They have a large white rump patch with a short white tail. The male has a large black jaw patch and larger, slightly curved horns with a single prong growing forward.

Wildlife Identification Moose Male

Male (Bull) Moose

Wildlife Identification Moose Male

Female (Cow) Moose

Wildlife Identification Elk Male and Female

Male and Female Elk

Male Pronghorn

Male (Buck) Pronghorn (Antelope)

Wildlife Identification Pronghorn Female

Female (Doe) Pronghorn (Antelope)

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