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Transcript for Safe Zones of Fire Review

Amber: If you chose “The first and second hunter went outside of their zones-of-fire,” you are correct. As the bird flushed, our first hunter crossed his zone-of-fire into the zones of the other two hunters. His muzzle was pointed in the direction of the other two hunters. The second hunter swung out of his zone-of-fire and into the zone of the third hunter. His muzzle was pointed directly at the third hunter. Only the third hunter stayed in his zone-of-fire.

Remember, when hunting with others, you need to be aware of your zone-of-fire at all times. The game you are hunting is unpredictable. You should always know where your partners are and be able to adjust your zone-of-fire accordingly.

Now, let’s take a look at the same scenario, only this time, our hunters will follow safe firearm handling rules and stay within their appropriate zones-of-fire.

Congratulations! You have made it through the Zones-of-Fire scenario of Hunt Day 3. Only one more to go.

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