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Transcript for Target and Beyond Review

Steve: If you chose “No. Our hunter can’t see what’s beyond the target,” you are correct. One of the most common causes of hunting accidents occurs when the hunter fails to check what is beyond the target and the victim is out of sight of the shooter. Your target and what’s beyond can change in an instant. Always be aware of what is beyond your target. The lives of others depend on you making the right decision.

Let’s take a look at another common situation with regard to identifying your target and what is beyond. Again, what appeared to be a safe shot, quickly changed to an unsafe situation. Hunting is unpredictable. The young hunter did not see the two photographers out hiking, especially because they were not wearing blaze orange. This is a common situation, especially in areas where people may be out hiking or camping. Let’s look at one more scenario with our young hunter.

In this case, our hunter appeared to have a clear shot. However, he still hasn’t identified what is beyond his target. Shooting a bullet into the sky means the bullet will drop eventually and land somewhere. Accident statistics show that bullets have fallen to strike people, vehicles, homes, and livestock. You should never take a shot at a skyline target. Remember, always be sure of your target and beyond. And when in doubt, do not shoot.

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