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Boy hunting with dog

Hunter education helps to ensure the future of hunting in Montana by educating the next generation of hunters.

  • The responsible and respectful hunter understands and respects the views of non-hunters. Many people have never hunted and don’t understand what it’s all about. Others simply disagree with hunting and killing animals. But in some instances, people who have nothing against hunting may have seen hunters doing things they don’t like. For instance, wearing blood-stained clothing in public. The irresponsible and disrespectful behavior of a few hunters can affect the public’s attitude toward all hunters. Those who are against hunting, for whatever reason, may close their land, vote for laws that limit hunting opportunities, or try to ban hunting altogether.
  • To preserve hunting in Montana we all need to behave responsibly—toward the land, wildlife, the laws, and other people. Hunter education provides you the tools and knowledge to do just that.
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