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Transcript for Zones-of-Fire Intro

Amber: According to the IHEA, swinging on game is in the top three causes of hunting accidents. Knowing and staying in your safe zone-of-fire is crucial in preventing this type of accident. Let’s catch up with two hunters on a pheasant hunt. In this scenario, we have an experienced hunter taking a youth on his first upland game hunt. They came upon some thick brush, and the experienced hunter went to the right while the young hunter went to the left. Suddenly, a pheasant flushed from the right side. Being on the side of the experienced hunter, he saw it and immediately took two shots outside of his zone-of-fire. What he didn’t take into consideration was the location of the other hunter. Luckily, the young hunter was smart enough to get down low and alert him. We always think of adults taking young hunters out in hopes to teach them, but there are times when adults need to learn too.

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