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For tens of thousands of years humans hunted to survive. In many cases, we got our food, shelter, clothing, and tools from the animals we killed. For our ancestors, a successful hunt meant the difference between life and death. Today we get our food from grocery stores, and we no longer need to hunt to provide ourselves with shelter, clothing, or tools. However, some people still hunt primarily for food.

  • Just because we no longer need to hunt for survival doesn’t mean that hunting is no longer necessary or desirable. We could also survive without swimming or riding bikes, without playing basketball, or spending time with friends.
  • There are many personal reasons why we hunt and why we value hunting. Hunting allows us to:
    • Gather our own food.
    • Spend time with family and friends.
    • Participate in family and community traditions.
    • Learn about animals and plants.
    • Be a part of nature and the natural world.
    • Develop skills and become self-reliant.
    • Exercise, relax, and get away from “the daily grind.”
    • Explore wild places and feel the excitement of the chase.
    • Enjoy the taste of wild game meat.
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