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“I don’t know—I just like it.”

Hunters enjoy hunting. They have some very deep feelings about hunting, but often find it difficult to express those feelings in ways others understand.

“I hunt to learn about nature.”

In nature, every living thing is connected to others. When you hunt, you will see, hear, smell, and feel things you have never experienced before.

“I hunt because it gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

Becoming a good hunter takes skill. You must know how to read animal signs and walk silently in the woods. You must learn to pursue, harvest, field dress, and cook game meat. You must learn about the animals you hunt, their behavior, and habitats. Developing these skills gives you a sense of accomplishment.

“I hunt to interact with nature.”

Calling game is a thrill. When a turkey gobbles in response to your call or a bull elk challenges your bugle, it is sure to send a shiver down your spine. Interacting with wild animals is a wonderful and rewarding experience.

“I hunt to relax and to get away from it all.”

Some people say the worst day hunting is better than the best day at work or school. Hunting takes your mind off your worries and gives you time to relax.

“I hunt because it keeps me healthy.”

Hunters must stay in shape. Keeping up with a bird dog, hiking hills, or setting decoys keeps you active and in good physical shape.

“I hunt because I like the adventure and challenge.”

Hunting challenges your skills in the woods and tests your hardiness. Can you hike up to the area where the game crosses? Do you know how to read animal signs? Would you know what to do if you got lost?

“I hunt with man’s best friend.”

Owning and training a hunting dog will enrich your life. A good hunting dog is more than a dog—it’s a hunting partner. Watching a dog work is an exciting reason to hunt.

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