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A dilemma is a situation in which you have to choose between two unpleasant choices.

It was five days after the end of the deer hunting season, and David was cutting firewood from a wood lot on his farm. While loading some logs on his wagon, he heard a rifle shot which sounded fairly close to him. He didn’t pay too much attention since the neighbor boy does some target shooting about once every two weeks.

As David drove his tractor and wagon back to his house, he noticed his friend Bob’s pickup truck at the far end of the farm. Bob was an avid hunter who thoroughly enjoyed deer hunting. After parking his load of firewood in his driveway, David walked back to Bob’s truck.

Upon arrival, he found Bob dragging a field-dressed white-tailed doe out of the woods. Bob explained that he needed some meat for the table as he has been laid off from work for over a year. His last unemployment check had arrived about five weeks ago.

When David returned to his house, he found the local game warden in his driveway inquiring about purchasing some firewood.

What should David do?

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