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As well as range safety rules, certain standards of etiquette are expected of shooters. Here are just a few examples of proper range etiquette:

  • When shooting blackpowder firearms, shoot from a location downwind of other shooters on the firing line.
  • Always ask the owner for permission before handling that person’s firearm or equipment.
  • Avoid interrupting or distracting others while they are shooting.
  • Avoid rapid-fire shooting since it will disturb those sighting in their rifles.
  • Shoot only your own targets.
  • Assist new shooters by offering advice or coaching.
  • Be aware of where your brass is ejecting and install a barrier between you and the next shooting bay. This will help prevent the shooter beside you from being hit by your spent brass.
  • Clean up after shooting by picking up your brass and taking down your target. Leave the range as clean as or cleaner than you found it.
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