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Transcript for Ground Blinds Review

Steve: If you chose “Both were at fault,” you are correct. Technically, both hunters were at fault. The hunter in the blind was at fault because he did not use blaze orange on his blind. He was covered in blaze orange clothing, but the minute he entered that blind, he became invisible. The hunter who took the shot should have properly identified what was beyond his target.

Here’s what should have happened. This time around, our hunter properly marks his blind by placing several blaze orange items in the area and on the blind itself. The use of ground blinds has become increasingly popular among big game hunters, as they provide more comfort and the ability to make more movement without being seen. However, if you decide to use one, make sure you mark it. In this instance, the marked blind quickly notifies another hunter and prevents a potentially fatal situation.

Congratulations! You made it through the final scenario and have now completed your second hunt day.

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