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Transcript for Welcome to The Virtual Field Day

Amber: Hi, and welcome to your Hunter Education Virtual Field Day.

Steve: My name is Steve.

Amber: And I’m Amber.

Steve: And we’ll be your virtual instructors for this final part of your hunter education course.

Amber: This virtual field day has been built to simulate the kinds of scenarios you would find in a live field day. You’ll get an up-close look at common hunter safety scenarios.

Steve: When you’re out hunting, your biggest responsibility is the safe handling of your firearm, but it can sometimes be a challenge to practice these skills in real-life hunting situations.

Amber: In the virtual field day, you’ll have a chance to practice critical decision-making in a safe online learning environment. Let’s take a closer look at how it works. Your virtual field day is organized into four distinct hunt days which correspond to the four areas on this virtual field day map. During each hunt day, you’ll travel to different hunting locations and encounter different types of hunting scenarios.

Steve: Each of these hunting scenarios is based on one of the International Hunter Education Association’s Top 10 Hunting Incidents. So, they are real-life examples of situations that you need to know how to handle to be a safe hunter.

Amber: Steve and I will be guiding you through each of these scenarios. As we go, we’ll be asking you to analyze what is happening and to identify safe or unsafe hunting behaviors. After finishing a scenario, you’ll move to a new location on the map until you have completed your hunt day. Complete all four hunt days, and you’ve finished your virtual field day.

Steve: If you need to take a break, no problem. Just like the rest of your course, you can stop and start at any time. We’ll track your progress and save it for you along the way. During each scenario, you’ll be asked questions that will get you thinking about how you would respond to various situations you might encounter when you are hunting. You must be able to identify whether the hunters in this scenario are demonstrating safe or unsafe hunting behaviors. All right, ready to get started with your first hunt day? Click the Next button. Good luck.

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