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There are three ways to unload a muzzleloader.

  • Unload a muzzleloader by discharging it into a suitable backstop. Do not fire into the air or into the ground at your feet in case the projectile ricochets.
  • Use a CO2 discharger to clear the barrel.
    • Percussion Lock Muzzleloader: Slip the discharger over the nipple.
    • Flintlock Muzzleloader: Place the discharger against the touchhole.
  • Modern In-Line Muzzleloader: Remove the breech plug. Then simply push the projectile and powder out the rear of the barrel.

When a muzzleloader is unloaded, place your ramrod or loading rod in the barrel before leaning the firearm against a good rest—this will prevent debris from falling down the barrel and blocking the touchhole.

CO2 Discharger
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