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The licenses and permits you need depend on the game you are hunting. 

  • For general hunting, including hunting small game, upland game birds, and furbearers, you need a basic hunting license.
  • To hunt migratory game birds, you need:
    • Basic hunting license
    • Harvest Information Program (HIP) number
  • To hunt waterfowl, you need:
    • Basic hunting license
    • Federal Duck Stamp
    • Virginia Migratory Waterfowl Conservation Stamp
    • HIP number
  • To hunt bears, you need:
    • Basic hunting license
    • Bear license
  • To hunt deer, elk, and/or turkeys, you need:
    • Basic hunting license
    • Deer/turkey license
  • To trap furbearers, you need a trapping license.

Unless you are exempt, you must purchase the required licenses before hunting or trapping. To find out if you are exempt, see the Hunting Licenses & Fees information on the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources website. Information on residency qualifications and fees for licenses, permits, and stamps is included also. 

If you are required to have a hunting license, you must:

  • Carry it with you while you are hunting and…
  • Show it upon request to an enforcement officer or to the owner or lessee, or the owner’s or lessee’s employee or representative, of the land where you are hunting.
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