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Arkansas hunters have a variety of options when looking for a place to go hunting.

  • Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs): The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has many WMAs available for public hunting.
    • Some of the WMAs require special permits or draw permits to hunt large game, such as white-tailed deer. Many of these areas around the state provide great opportunities for small game hunting.
    • Always read the current hunting regulations to check for any changes and requirements for hunting in WMAs.
  • Hunting Leases: Leases are another option for hunting.
    • Many private landowners lease hunting rights out to individuals or a group of individuals. Prices can vary depending on location, amount of land, and number of individuals on the lease.
    • Remember that having hunting privileges does not mean that you own the land. Be sure to take care of and respect the land and also follow the landowner’s requirements.
  • Private Land With the Landowner’s Permission: Getting permission from landowners is another way to find great places to hunt.
    • Don’t show up on the landowner’s doorstep on opening day of the season. Get to know the landowner, and let them get to know you.
    • Find out where and when you can hunt.
    • Ask about any specific rules that the landowners might have for you while you are on their land and follow them. Remember that hunting on private land is a privilege, so don’t lose it!
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