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Image of a deer grazing
  • Over time, the build-up of prions will cause an infected animal to develop these symptoms. Watch for deer or elk that:
    • Have a loss of muscle mass.
    • Seem intensely thirsty.
    • Are uncontrollably drooling.
    • Appear confused.
    • Have lost their fear of humans.
    • Show general weakness before ultimately dying.
  • Deer and elk can get other diseases as well. The only way to know if the symptoms are caused by CWD is to have your animal tested. AGFC works with hunters to help test deer and elk for CWD.
  • CWD shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the hunting season.
    • Transmission of the disease from deer to humans has never been documented. However, public health experts suggest that people should not eat meat from any deer or elk that tests positive for CWD.
    • Research shows that prions are passed from an infected animal to healthy animals. So far, it has not been shown that CWD can be transmitted to species outside of the deer family.
    • To help prevent the spread of this disease, AGFC needs you to continue hunting in the CWD area. If your deer or elk tests positive for CWD, you will be issued another tag.
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