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Here are some ideas to consider that will qualify you as an ethical hunter.

  • If you hunt on private land, be sure to obtain permission from the landowner and respect his/her property as if it were your own. Scout the area you plan to hunt to know where the boundaries, houses, roads, fences, and livestock are situated on the property.
  • If you do not kill your game instantly, make every effort to find the wounded animal. Permission is required to enter private land.
  • Pick up all litter, including spent ammunition.
  • Report observed violations of the law to an AGFC wildlife officer (call 800-482-9292 at any time of day) or local law enforcement as soon as possible. Report any firearm-related accident and render assistance.
  • Understand the limits of your firearm, the ammunition, and your skills as a shooter. Refrain from taking less optimal shots, regardless of the target’s “trophy quality.”
  • Respect the rights of hunters, non-hunters, and landowners.
  • Make every effort to retrieve and use all game.
  • Dispose of unusable animal parts properly.
  • Be sensitive to others when displaying harvested game.
  • Remember: Hunting is not a competitive sport.
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