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Transcript for Treestand Safety Safe Ascent Intro

Steve: Now that you have had a chance to view some of the common errors associated with tree stands, let’s take a look at what the correct process looks like.

In this instance, our hunter is prepared with his fall-arrest system. He gets his harness on and ensures the buckles and leg straps are all secure. He then performs the necessary checks to ensure that his firearm is safe. Our hunter approaches his tree stand and double-checks his firearm to make sure it is safe before attaching it to a haul line. The hunter properly secures his firearm with a haul line. He then performs the necessary safety checks on his tree stand to ensure that the stabilizer bar is in position and that it is safe to climb. The hunter then double-checks his harness. He then climbs up, making sure that he has three points of contact at all times.

Next, our hunter performs safety checks once at the top of the stand. He turns around properly and pulls down the safety bar. He then secures his harness by using the tether strap and attached it to the tree.

Lastly, he properly pulls up his firearm using his haul line. Our hunter is now safely in his tree stand and ready for his hunt.

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