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Hunter at shooting range

A successful hunt begins with target practice at the shooting range.

  • Many of the rules that govern safe firearm handling in the field apply to the shooting range.
  • But a shooting range has some additional requirements.
    • Read all range rules that apply to the type of shooting you will do that day.
    • If there is a range master, be sure to follow his or her instructions while shooting.
    • When not shooting, unload your firearm, and leave it on the range line or bench until you’re given further instructions.
    • Don’t handle your firearm while other shooters are downrange. Step away from the firing line or bench until the range is clear and the range master instructs you to approach the line or bench.
    • If no range master is present, all shooters must decide on safety commands beforehand so that it’s clear when someone intends to go downrange.
    • Before any person goes beyond the firing line or downrange, unload your firearm and step away from the line until the other person returns.
    • Under no circumstances should you shoot a firearm when someone is downrange or past the firing line.
    • Always wear hearing and eye protection, even if you’re watching others shoot.
    • Respond immediately to anyone calling for a “cease fire.”
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