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Official New Hampshire Course on Trapping Responsibly and Safely

Take this New Hampshire Fish and Game Department-approved course with a follow-up in-person field day to complete your online trapper education.

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Requirements

You must be at least 12 years old to take this online course.

You must be a resident of New Hampshire to take the online course.

Do you need to take the New Hampshire Trapping Course on Trapping Responsibly and Safely?

All first-time trappers must complete a New Hampshire trapper education course, provide an approved trapper education course from another state that is equivalent to the New Hampshire course, or provide a New Hampshire trapping license within the last three years.

How much does the New Hampshire Trapper Course cost?

The New Hampshire Trapper Course fee is $34.50.

Do I have to take an online exam?

The Final Exam is the exam you take at the end of the online course. You must score at least 80% on the exam to pass. You have unlimited attempts to pass the exam. If you don’t complete the exam in one session, don’t worry. When you log in later, you will be taken to the first unanswered question of the exam.

Locating and Signing Up for the Field Day

After passing the online portion of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Trapper education course, you will need to locate and sign up for the required Field Day. A link will be provided to your email after online course completion to sign up for a field day.

Important! Bring your Field Day Voucher to the Field Day as proof of having completed the online course.

Warning! Passing the online course does not guarantee you a spot at the Field Day.

After This Course

Upon successful completion of this course, you also must complete the Field Day.

After successfully completing the Field Day, you will receive a Trapper Education Certification from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. The Trapper Education Certification allows you to legally purchase a trapping license in the State of New Hampshire. You can purchase a trapping license at our Fish and Game Headquarters or by mail in application.