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Official Trapper Safety Courses
for Today’s Hunter

Contrary to public perception, trapping is good for conservation and sustaining wildlife health and diversity. Regulated trapping is an important way for biologists to collect data about wildlife including information about wildlife diseases like rabies that can also affect people. AFWA

What hunters are saying about our online safety course

“Thanks for your help. I have spent about 25 years in education and training and I found your course to be very well done. Online courses are difficult to design but yours is effective, good quality education.”

“Thanks. By the way you guys are awesome with everything you do. The course was set up amazingly. Keep doing what you do cause it’s incredible.”

The Today's Trapper Course Curriculum

Pages from a Trapper Safety Handbook

All Hunter Ed hunter and trapper safety education resources are approved by and have been developed in conjunction with the state hunting safety agencies responsible for hunter and trapper education.

Our hunter education courses not only prepare students for safe hunting and trapping experiences, but they also help hunters trap furbearers successfully, responsibly, and ethically. Subjects covered in Hunter Ed's Today’s Trapper courses include trapping ethics, preparing equipment, making sets, wildlife identification, and more.

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