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Possessing ammunition other than what is specifically authorized is prohibited while hunting.

Full metal jacket ammunition is prohibited for rifles and handguns.

Tracer ammunition is prohibited.

These restrictions apply for rifles or handguns using centerfire ammunition.

  • Rifles or handguns using centerfire ammunition are prohibited between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.
  • Furbearers may not be taken with rifles or handguns using centerfire ammunition during an archery-only or muzzleloader/archery-only deer, bear, or elk season.

When hunting coots, gallinules, sora rails, Virginia rails, or waterfowl, you may not use:

  • Any loose shot other than non-toxic shot that is approved by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service or...
  • Any shotgun shell that is loaded with shot other than non-toxic shot.

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