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All big game animals (bear, deer, and turkey) harvested in Tennessee must be checked in before the end of the calendar day. This includes animals that are leaving the state or being gifted to another person.

  • When you purchase any type of big game license, you will receive a Harvest Log instead of a temporary kill tag.
  • You may check in harvested animals at any approved TWRA checking station, on the TWRA website, or by using the TWRA mobile application.
  • You must have evidence of the big game animal's species and sex available for inspection by TWRA personnel until the animal is checked in.

After a big game animal is checked in, documentation on TWRA–approved forms or the TWRA mobile application must:

  • Confirm that the animal was checked in and...
  • Be available for inspection by TWRA personnel until the time of final processing and...
  • Accompany any big game animals taken to a taxidermist or meat processor.
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