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To report a hunting violation, call one of the TWRA regional offices between 7:00 a.m. and midnight, seven days a week. The information you provide is kept in the strictest confidence. Also, you may receive a reward if your information leads to the arrest and conviction of wildlife poachers.

Providing as much information as you can about the violation and the violator helps TWRA officers apprehend poachers. If possible, report the date and time of the violation, the location, the name of the violator (if known), a description of the violator, a description of the vehicle, the vehicle’s license plate number, and the nature of the violation, including the species involved.

Hunting Violation Numbers

To report a hunting violation, call your regional TWRA office.

  • West Tennessee (Region I): 1-800-831-1173
  • Middle Tennessee (Region II): 1-800-255-8972
  • Cumberland Plateau (Region III): 1-800-241-0767
  • East Tennessee (Region IV): 1-800-831-1174

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