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The large number of game and non-game species in Pennsylvania is a prime example of how successful wildlife conservation efforts have been. This success would not have been possible without using hunting and trapping as management tools. Equally important is funding directed to state wildlife agencies from federal excise taxes and from the sale of hunting and trapping licenses. Without the support of hunters and trappers, wildlife and wildlife habitats in the United States would be in jeopardy. Many common species would be threatened or extinct, and much of the country’s different habitats would be lost.

The wildlife found in Pennsylvania is as diverse as the state’s habitats. Birds and mammals thrive in the woods, fields, and wetlands of the state. A variety of migratory waterfowl species and birds of prey can be found here. Wildlife identification is important to hunting and trapping. Properly identifying game and non-game species prevents mistaken kills and adds to the overall enjoyment of time spent in the woods and fields of the state.

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