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Box trap

Cage (box) traps come in different lengths and have doors that vary in size.

Box Trap—May be used only on land
  • Used when the possibility of catching pets is high
  • Mesh box has a swinging door to let animal in, but not out
Foothold Traps—Used on land or in the water
  • Trap holds an animal’s foot and typically will cause little damage to the animal

Cable Restraint

  • Less expensive, lighter in weight, and less likely to freeze in cold weather than other types of traps.
  • In Pennsylvania, cable restraints are used only to trap fox and coyote in mid to late winter. Check each year’s Digest for specific opening dates for that season.
  • Restraints must have maximum and minimum loop stops and must have breakaway devices to help prevent capture of non-target species.
  • Trappers must successfully complete a Cable Restraint Certification or Successful Furtaking course before using cable restraints to trap.
Foothold Traps

Foothold Traps: Underspring/jump (top left), longspring (top right), and coil-spring (bottom)

Trap Cable Restraint

Cable Restraint

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