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Hunter calling game

Game Calling

Calling is an effective technique for most animals.

  • There are hundreds of sounds that can attract all types of wildlife. A skillful hunter uses these sounds to attract animals close enough to him or her for an effective shot.
  • Here are some of the sounds that can be imitated to draw game to you.
    • Territorial sounds: Deer “rattle,” elk “bugle,” or a turkey “gobble”
    • Feeding sounds: A duck's feeding “chuckle”
    • Distress sounds: Inviting coyotes, bobcats, or foxes to feed


Chemicals released from an animal’s glands or waste give off scents that communicate to other animals.

These scents are used to:

  • Mark territory.
  • Attract others for mating purposes.

Non-game scents can be used to mask human odor or attract game animals.

  • Pine or earth scents cover body odor and allow hunters to get close to game animals without frightening them.
  • Odors that smell like preferred foods attract animals to an area to feed.


Decoys are life-like models of game used to lure animals toward a hunter’s position. They are typically used to hunt waterfowl—ducks and geese—and wild turkey.

Decoys are most effective when used with scents and game calling.

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