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When recovering game you have shot with a bow or crossbow, you should:

  • Wait quietly for at least 30 minutes after your shot. Allow the animal to lie down and die from massive blood loss.
  • Locate and examine your arrow when the animal moves off.
    • Stomach contents on the arrow indicate a poor hit.
    • Wait several hours before beginning to track a gut-shot animal.
  • Look for blood and other tracking signs.
    • Check nearby vegetation for indications that the animal went by.
    • Look for overturned leaves, broken branches, and footprints.
  • Walk beside the game sign. Walking directly on blood or other sign may destroy the trail.
  • Mark your trail with bright-colored material.
    • If you can’t find new sign, a marked path will allow you to start from the last located sign.
    • If you lose the trail, begin to walk in widening arcs in the direction the animal headed.
  • Approach downed game cautiously.
    • Walk up to the animal from the rear and stay clear of the legs.
    • Watch the animal’s chest for signs of breathing.
    • The animal’s eyes will be open if it’s dead.
    • Tap the animal with a long stick to check for a response.
    • If it’s still alive, quickly place another shot in the vital area.
  • Tag immediately if required by law.
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