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Labeled Muzzleloader Accessories

Shooting a muzzleloader is different from shooting a modern shotgun or rifle. A muzzleloader requires a number of accessories in order to be used safely and correctly. Most, if not all, of this equipment needs to be carried with you when you hunt or target shoot with a muzzleloader. 

The majority of the following equipment is usually carried in a pouch or bag called a “possibles” bag.

  • Powder Horn or Flask: Container used to carry extra powder
  • Bullet Starter: Device or tool used to get bullet started down the barrel; works with conventional or hollow point bullets
  • Pan Primer: Smaller container used to carry and dispense the powder for the flash pan of a flintlock
  • Powder Measure: Marked device used to measure the amount of powder charge to be used in the barrel of the muzzleloader
  • Pick: Tool used to keep the flash-hole clear of debris and residue
  • Bullet Puller: Ramrod adaptor that looks like a screw and used to remove unfired bullets from the barrel
  • Nipple Wrench: Special wrench used to remove the nipple from percussion cap muzzleloaders
  • Capper: Tool used to put percussion caps on the nipple
  • Percussion Caps or Flints: Devices used to ignite the main powder charge
  • Patches: Pieces of cotton or linen cloth used with round ball projectiles to create a tight seal in the barrel
  • Patch Puller: Puller used to pull out either patches from an unfired muzzleloader or patches used for cleaning
  • Speed Loaders: Pre-measured charge and bullet
  • Brushes and Solvent: Equipment used to clean plastic residue and black powder fouling
  • Ramrod: A long wooden or synthetic rod used for seating the bullet against the powder charge and for cleaning the barrel
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