Official Online Muzzleloader Course

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What Does the National Course Cover?

The Muzzleloader Certification Course provides information and hands-on training when working with black powder, black powder substitutes, and muzzleloaders at the range and in the field. This course is required for all hunters wanting to apply for any "Muzzleloader Only" permit hunt.

The Muzzleloader Course also covers the following areas: firearms safety, wildlife conservation, being a responsible/ethical hunter, shot placement, and ballistic information on hunting with a muzzleloader.

How Much Does it Cost?

You may register for the course and study the online material for free. After you pass the Final Exam, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $34.50 for your Muzzleloader Education Course Completion Certificate. (Payment is required only after you pass. You may repeat the final exam at no cost.)

Alaska Approved Hunting Certificate Online Course

Alaska Specific Requirements

Alaska requires hunters to complete a muzzleloader education course for those wanting to apply for any "Muzzleloader Only" permit hunt. All licenses, fees, and stamps must be carried on you while hunting.

All "Muzzleloader Only" hunts in Alaska require that the hunter be fully certified prior to applying for any drawing permit hunt or to hunt in any "muzzleloader only" area or season. Having only earned a Field Day Qualifier Certificate does not qualify one as being "fully certified." You must complete the course by attending a mandatory field day.

For Non-Residents: After you have successfully completed the online portion of the course, Alaska will allow a "certified proctor" in your state to conduct the shooting proficiency test for the required Field Day. A "certified proctor" will include any current NRA Instructor, NMLRA Instructor (National Muzzleloader Rifle Association), RSO (Range Safety Officer), or any active IHEA Volunteer Instructor (International Hunter Education Association). The proctor will be required to provide their current certification number to be valid. It will be your responsibility to locate a proctor in your area. You will also receive a copy of the current Alaska Game Regulations and required field day material that applies directly to hunting in Alaska with a muzzleloader. You must read and understand this material. Once you have completed the online portion of the course, please contact Kirk Lingofelt (907-267-2373) or by email, [email protected] to receive the required packet for your Field Day.

For Alaska Residents: A number of muzzleloader field days will be offered in every region of the state of Alaska throughout the year. As the need arises, additional field days can be added to the schedule, based on volunteer instructor availability and location of requests. You can view the statewide schedule of Muzzleloader Field Days at Utilizing a "certified proctor" will only be approved on a case-by-case basis for students living in areas where a field day has not been offered. A "certified proctor" in Alaska would included any current NRA or NMLRA Instructor, Range Safety Officer, IHEA Volunteer Instructor, ADF&G employee, Wildlife Trooper, Village Public Safety Officer, or Wildlife Refuge Officer. Please contact Kirk Lingofelt (907-267-2373) or by email, [email protected] for more information.

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